Team Registration

Please note there are TWO ways of entering a team into our competitions depending on whether you are a school, club or an infividual stand alone team.  Please take a look below at how to register your team correctly.

Club or School 

To manage all the teams under your organistation going forward you need to have a school or club set up for you by Waikato Basketball.
Once your organistation has been set up you will be sent log in details to your profile.
Log into your profile for the club or school by clicking the green "Current or Past member of Waikato Basketball" button below.
Under the Teams tab you can enter your team into the competition and add your people.
If you need to have a club or school set up please contact

Stand Alone Team (Adults Competitions)

We are using a new registration system, if this is your first time registering a team in 2024, please click the blue "New to Waikato Basketball" button below and you will be able to then manage your team through your profile.  

If you already have a profile you can click the green "Current or Past member of Waikato Basketball" button and log into your profile and enter a team from there and any previous teams and people you have already added will be there.