2024 Mens Autumn Adults


Wednesday  1 May - 3 July 2024 (10 wks)

Cost $675.00 per team

Venue: The PEAK - 60 Kimbrae Drive, Rototuna North, Hamilton 3210

Registrations close 22 April. Earlier if max. number of teams reached
(The person who registers the team will be our main contact for all information regarding teams and responsible for arranging payment for the team)

  • Each team is required to have a referee - NO referee your team cannot enter
  • A minimum of 8 players and maximum of 12 players per team
  • Team members can only play for one team
  • Each team is required to do score bench duty - these are assigned

Game times: 6.00pm - 10.00 pm
Age Restriction - Players must be fifteen years of age to be eligible to play
If you need any information please email - competitions@waikatobasketball.co.nz